FutureScot is delighted to invite you to attend the Digital Cities 2018 Roadshow, a series of half day policy conferences aimed at policy, academic, technology and business leaders across Scotland.

Made up of plenaries and  expert-led panel discussions, the series will be focussing on the  proposed outcomes of Scotland's City Region Deals and the impact they will have on the growth and sustainbility of the regions as well as citizen wellbeing.

This is an opportunity for policy leaders from local and national government and its agencies, to gather with industry leaders to forge new relationships, overcome existing challenges and refresh their digital thinking.

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Stirling & Clackmannshire: 1st May // Tay Cities: 8th May  // Glasgow: 9th May // Edinburgh & South East: 16th May // Aberdeen & North East: 29th May 

Aberdeen City Region Deal

Following the announcment of a £826m City Region Deal, Aberdeen has embarked on plans to create a 'world class' digital infrastructure for the city. 

The investment is being provided by the UK & Scottish Government, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Council, University of Aberdeen,  Robert Gordon University with additional input frorm the private sector over a 10 year period. 

£32m has been earmarked to create a 'Digital Infrastructure Fund' aimed at delivering ultrafast broadband across the region to grow exisitng businesses, attract investment into the region and deliver better public services. 

In addition, Aberdeen City Council became the first local authority in Scotland to launch an innovative bonds issue scheme to raise £370m for infrastructure projects, which could also be used to benefit its digital economy.

Join us to discuss the Aberdeen City Region Deal and its role in creating a smarter, digitalised Scotland.

For further information about the conference and sponsorship opportunities please contact Vincenzo Veglia at vincenzo@canongate.org or 0131 561 7532. 

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29 May 2018 Marcliffe, Aberdeen The Marcliffe Hotel N Deeside Rd - AB15 9YA United Kingdom

Digital Cities 2018 - Aberdeen and the North East

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