A new integrated Digital Health and Social Care Strategy

The Scottish Government are developing a new, integrated Digital Health and Social Care Strategy that will build on achievements over the last 10 years and set out future developments and priorities.  The new Strategy is moving towards further integration of health and social care with local government and third sector partners and is planned to be published from Summer 2017.

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Legislation to implement health and social care integration came into force on April 1st 2016, and for the first time NHS and local council care services have been brought together under one partnership arrangement of 31 Integrated Joint Boards (IJBs). Together, they will manage nearly £8bn of combined resources in health and social care. The Scottish Government is providing over £500m of additional funding to help partnerships establish new ways of working, and is focused on improving the experiences and quality of services for people using those services, their carers and families.

The role of technology

Digital technology plays an increasingly important role in addressing the challenges faced by health services in Scotland and around the world.

The burning question, though, is how can this brave new world of joined-up patient-care, from cradle-to-grave, be enabled by advances in digital technology? Technology has the power to contribute to tackling some of the most challenging issues within healthcare including: delayed discharge, unplanned admissions, waiting time and administrative burdens.

How can we bring together divergent sources of health and social care data in a way that it seamlessly delivers better outcomes for patients, families, health professionals and carers alike?

Key questions to be addressed:

  • How can software advances, algorithmic approaches, big data and analytics help us make better decisions and support the evolution of preventative care.
  • How can the receivers of care benefit from greater access to their own data, and help co-design the right interventions for their needs?
  • How can digital technology reduce the burden on staff so that they can do what’s best for patients (i.e. care)?
  • How can digital technology enable professionals to better coordinate health and care pathways?
  • How can connected devices in the home and remote monitoring equipment help health and care professionals get ‘ahead of the curve’ in delivering tailored packages?
  • How is Scottish Government and NHS Scotland responding to the e-health opportunities and what spend is available?
  • What role can the private sector play in enabling  Scotland to become a long term leader in digitally enabled care by supporting innovation through partnership
  • How can connected devices in the home and remote monitoring equipment help health and care professionals get ‘ahead of the curve’ in delivering tailored packages?
  • What new products and services have been brought to market over the last 12 months?

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