FutureScot is delighted to invite you to attend Digital Prison? Positive Futures in association with Positive Prison? Positive Futures.  

This event will analyse the benefits and challenges of improving access to digital technologies in prison. As society becomes increasingly reliant on digital technology it is important for policy makers and stakeholders in the prison sector to assess how prisons will adapt to an ever changing world.

The conference will be a platform for those working within the prison and third sector, policy advisors, academics and government officials to discuss the many ways in which digital technology can improve the management of Scotland's prisons and the lives of those affected by imprisonment.

We will look into how improving digital access to our prisons provides the opportunity to make lasting effects on reducing reoffending rates by helping to maintain strong family relationships; building essential digital skills and creating positive social networks.

With contributions from those engaging with the prison sector as educators, employers, digital experts and as previous offenders this conference will explore the opportunities digital technology provides as well as key challenges policy makers and service providers face in digitalising the sector.

Does digital technology have the power to reduce recidivism, improve wellbeing in prisons and make prisoner management easier? Join us to debate and be inspired by the changes digital technology can make. 

Join the discussion online: #DigitalPrisons


The costs of imprisonment both financial and social are high. Scotland's prison population is around 7,500 and costs over £35,000 per year per prisoner. 

Those affected by imprisonment are more likely to suffer from poor mental health than any other group. This can have a profound affect on family relationships, employability and physical health which in turn can result in recidivism, costing Scotland around £3bn a year. 

Although issues around re-offending are complex, sustainable employment is crucial to allow people to move on from their past and contribute to society. People leaving prison tend to go into low skilled, low paid employment but by 2030, 30% of these jobs will be at risk of automation.

Scotland's digital technology industry is the fastest growing sector of the economy and is estimated to grow twice as fast as the entire Scottish economy by 2024.

  • How can we use digital to develop skills to help offenders find sustainable employment? 
  • Can we use digital technology to maintain and support family relationships during periods of imprisonment?
  • How can data be used to gain further insight into rehabilitation and re-offending? 
  • How can we use social media platforms more effectively to promote positive news stories about Scotland's prisons? 

While Scotland drives forward its digital strategy Realising Scotland's full potential in a digital world: A Digital Strategy for Scotland this conference will be an opportunity to discuss how the prison sector can benefit from digital innovation. 

Why attend?

With the continued integration of technology into our everyday lives #DigitalPrisons will be a unique opportunity for cross sector discussion on how digital innovation in the prison sector can be used to benefit society as a whole. 

Digital Prison? Positive Futures will discuss: 

  • The challenges prisoners face upon liberation in digitalised world;
  • Improving life chances through education and digital training;
  • Using data to gather information and insight into rehabilitation and re-offending; 
  • Using digital platforms to influence public opinion; and 
  • Building relationships between employers and individuals engaged in the custodial system.

We want you to join in the conversation!

FutureScot has created a space on the website for speakers, delegates and interested parties to discuss how digital innovation can be used to create a fairer, more equal society.

If you would like to make a contribution please get in contact with Aileen O'Hagan at aileen@canongate.org. 

Join Us

14 November 2017 COSLA Verity House 19 Haymarket Yards Edinburgh - EH12 5BH

Digital Prisons

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