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25 May 2017

  • Registration, refreshments and networking
  • Introduction by Conference Chair

    Keith Aitken
    Journalist & Broadcaster

    Overview: Keith is an experienced journalist more »

    Keith is an experienced journalist and broadcaster and chairs all FutureScot's Education events.

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  • How far can you go with the right perspective? Inspire teachers and pupils to reach for the stars

    Amanda Regan
    Liaison in Research and Innovation European Space Agency Earth Observation

    Overview: There were many hurdles that more »

    There were many hurdles that could have stopped rocket scientist, Amanda Regan, from fulfilling her childhood dream of working in the space industry. But she worked her way methodically up to the European Space Agency. A passionate career coach in her spare time, Amanda is committed to raising awareness of the magic of self-confidence and the power great teachers have to set pupils off on journeys - that in some instances can be truly be out of this world.

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  • New directions for computing education in Scotland

    Professor Judy Robertson
    Chair in Digital Learning / Research Lead in Education, Teaching & Leadership, University of Edinburgh

    Overview: Judy will explain the changes more »

    Judy will explain the changes to the Computing Science section of the new Technologies outcomes and expectations published recently by Education Scotland. Confused about computational thinking? Puzzled about programming? Help is at hand, with some practical examples of activities created by primary school teachers in Edinburgh.

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  • Adopting a strategic and creative approach to digital and STEM education and training

    Janice Feighery
    Programme Director - Education & Training, Camara Ireland

    Overview: • The Scottish Government's STEM more »

    • The Scottish Government's STEM Education & Training consultation and report: Scotland and the Irish experience.

    • How can technology inspire teaching and enhance the pupil experience - inside and outside the classroom?

    • How can teachers make confident and informed decisions about the use of technology across the whole curriculum.

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  • Challenging the attainment gap: Helping educators improve pupil outcomes

    Professor Phillip John
    Executive Chair, SCHOLAR Forum

    Overview: 'SCHOLAR was exceptionally useful. I more »

    'SCHOLAR was exceptionally useful. I have prepared most of my Chemistry lessons for the next month using SCHOLAR as a resource!' Brilliant! Thanks!' - Fife classroom teacher.

    How ‘learning to learn’ is key to improving outcomes for young people within the pervasive environment of technology.

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  • Questions and discussion
  • Refreshments, exhibition & networking
  • Workshop Sessions 1

    Workshops 1Click here to view all sessions in this workshop

  • Workshop Sessions 2

    Workshops 2Click here to view all sessions in this workshop

      • 11:45 - 12:15
      • Workshop 2A: Creativity, Collaboration and Communication, preparing our students for the 21st Century
      Overview: As more and more schools more »

      As more and more schools start moving to G Suite Education and Chromebooks, it’s important that organisations start thinking about what is next.

      Creativity, Collaboration and Communication is more common in the workplace than ever before and we have to start preparing our students for the 21st Century world.

      XMA have partnered with WeVideo to show case their platform to create digital story telling in a STEM environment, integrating with Google Classroom and working in collaboration to record, dictate, edit and produce the students subject knowledge.

      This session will include a live production video narrative presenting a science experiment using smartphones and Chromebooks.


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      • 11:45 - 12:15
      • Workshop 2B - STEM in Action: Creating Noisy Classrooms
      Overview: In this session, you’ll discover more »

      In this session, you’ll discover how sounds look different from one another. You’ll get hands-on in creating a string phone and become master sound detectives to match sounds to their waveforms.

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      • 11:45 - 12:15
      • Workshop 2C: Education-focused solutions for 21st century learning
      Overview: No two ways about it, more »

      No two ways about it, Scots pupils today are tech-savvy and choosy when it comes to tools and devices. And Scots pupils today love using mobile devices in the classroom and educators can certainly see the incredible benefits. So, the question isn’t - should we bring these devices onto our school wireless network, it’s how?

      Schools all over the country are bringing the newest mobile classroom technology onto their school wireless networks via programs like 1-to-1 or BYOD. There are pros and cons to both BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives.

      This workshop will illustrate systems solutions allow schools to successfully implement 1:1 or BYOD initiatives, give teachers the control of devices and the Internet in their classrooms and stay compliant with e-safety requirements.

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  • Workshop Sessions 3

    Workshops 3Click here to view all sessions in this workshop

      • 12:20 - 12:50
      • Workshop 3A: VEX Robotics - Putting the technology into the STEM classroom
      Overview: Discover how VEX Robotics can more »

      Discover how VEX Robotics can be used in the classroom and as an extra-curricular activity to develop students understanding of complex STEM subjects and ideas, in a fun and engaging way. The flexible and hands-on VEX platforms allow students to problem solve and apply creativity to design and engineering challenges with a physical solution. The free curriculum and free programming options are industry standard and unlocks digital learning and teaching in schools.

      This workshop will give an overview of the technology and how it can be used across school years including first-hand experiences from a teacher in Midlothian who has been using VEX as part of a pilot with Education Scotland. The key partners that were instrumental in introducing VEX to primary schools across the LA will also be talking about seeing students reach the UK National Finals of the extra-curricular competition. 

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      • 12:20 - 12:50
      • Workshop 3B - STEM in Action: Helping Students See the Light
      Overview: Does water look different before more »

      Does water look different before and after rain? Is salt water more see-through than fresh water? Using sensors already built into modern phones, you’ll experiment with liquids to learn about translucency.

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  • Lunch, exhibition & networking
  • Change Thinking, Change Learning: Creating a climate for positive learning

    Ian Stuart

  • Recognising and rewarding best practice: The Digital Schools Awards

    Lee Dunn
    University of Glasgow

    Nick Thomson
    Lundavra Primary School

    Susan Lauder
    Dalry Primary School

    Overview: Digital Schools Awards Scotland is more »

    Digital Schools Awards Scotland is a national awards programme that promotes, recognises and rewards the effective use of  digital learning technologies in schools. The programme is accredited by Education Scotland and supported by HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel in Scotland. Since the launch in September 2016, 21 schools have achieved digital school status and 256 schools are registered to become a digital school. The award is free to all primary schools to participate.

    • Introduction to the programme and its benefits for school leaders.
    • Explanation of criteria and what’s involved for schools.
    • Practical examples of how schools have addressed the award criteria and experience being a digital school.
    • Lee will be joined by teachers from award-winning digital schools including Lundavra Primary School Head Teacher, Nick Thomson and Dalry Primary School Principal Teacher, Susan Lauder.


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  • Refreshments, exhibition & networking
  • Technology inside and outside the classroom

    Stephen Reid

    Overview: • How can practitioners use more »

    • How can practitioners use technology that’s accessible by learners inside and outside of the classroom?

    • How can we harness the tools that children, young people and their families are engaging with to support learners, family learning and attainment?

    • How can Minecraft and game-based learning raise pupil attainment?

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  • Panel Discussion: Tackling the Digital Divide

    Chair: Amanda Regan
    European Space Agency

    Gillian Daly
    Scottish Library & Information Council

    Jenni Robertson
    Tynecastle High School

    Overview: The power to transform education more »

    The power to transform education is in most people’s pockets – but limited access to hardware, wifi and assessment data is contributing to a growing digital divide in Scotland - and indeed in communities across Europe and beyond - and impeding educators' best abilities to fully address the attainment gap.

    This panel discussion will look at:
    • The transformative power of technology in education to tackle some of Scotland’s most urgent education challenges;
    • How new digital approaches, education programmes and outreach initiatives are helping to bridge the attainment gap, reaching those children in our most disadvantaged communities.

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  • Closing Comments from the Conference Chair
  • Conference ends

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