• Professor Judy Robertson

    Chair in Digital Learning / Research Lead in Education, Teaching and Leadership, University of Edinburgh

    Judy Robertson is professor of Digital Learning at the University of Edinburgh. She is a computer scientist, with sixteen years of experience in designing and evaluating children’s technology in the classroom. She has particular interests in game based learning and innovative methods for teaching computational thinking to children.

    Professor Judy Robertson

    Sessions with Professor Judy Robertson:

    • New directions for computing education in Scotland

      Professor Judy Robertson
      Chair in Digital Learning / Research Lead in Education, Teaching & Leadership, University of Edinburgh

  • Phillip John

    Executive Chair, SCHOLAR Forum

    Phillip John BSc, PhD, DSc is Professor of Chemistry and former Senior Dean at Heriot-Watt University.

    He has, since 2003, been Executive Chair of SCHOLAR (www.scholar.hw.ac.uk) which provides innovative online courses to all 32 Education Authorities, 7 Regional FE colleges and 32 independent schools in Scotland. 

    Recently SCHOLAR completed a major multi-million pound enhancement of the learning courseware to provide 33 complete SQA subjects/levels at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level in Maths, Sciences, Languages and Business to support Curriculum for Excellence.  SCHOLAR is continuing to attract international attention as one of the world’s largest e-learning programmes for schools. 

    Phillip is currently a Board member, and former Chair, of the burgeoning international e-Assessment Association www.e-assessment.com.

    Phillip John

    Sessions with Phillip John:

    • Challenging the attainment gap: Helping educators improve pupil outcomes

      Professor Phillip John
      Executive Chair, SCHOLAR Forum

  • Janice Feighery

    Programme Director - Education & Training, Camara Ireland

    Janice joined Camara Ireland in 2012. She leads the Education and Training function, managing a portfolio of education products to help schools, youth organisations and community organisations to effectively integrate ICT. She has conceived, developed and implemented creative technology and STEM education programmes for over 10 years. During this time she co-founded the TechSpace Programme, a national movement that aims to change the lives of young people by becoming Ireland’s leading creative technology network for outcome-focused youth development.

    Prior to this Janice managed the Intel Computer Clubhouse in Dublin. Through this work, Janice has travelled extensively throughout the US collaborating with MIT Media Lab researchers, the Adobe Foundation and creative technology and STEM educators from over 20 countries worldwide.

    Janice Feighery

    Sessions with Janice Feighery:

    • Adopting a strategic and creative approach to digital and STEM education and training

      Janice Feighery
      Programme Director - Education & Training, Camara Ireland

  • Amanda Regan

    Engineer, European Space Agency, Earth Observation Future Missions, European Space Agency

    A trailblazer in the technology of spacecraft design, Amanda is an engineer at the European Space Agency, Earth Observation Future Missions, a role that seemed impossible to her 14-year-old self.

    Amanda was incorrectly streamed at school and not allowed to take A-Level Mathematics. This could have stopped her career in its tracks but through sheer perseverance she overcame this early set back, going on to study engineering at Brunel University, before developing her interest in space mission design with a Master’s Degree in Austin, Texas, USA.

    Amanda’s recent projects include the Swarm Mission (a constellation of three spacecraft) launched in 2013 to measure the Earth’s magnetic field, and the Sentinel Convoy studies to fly with Copernicus Sentinels to meet Earth observation objectives. Amanda works closely with NASA A-Train Mission Operation Working Group and many other national space agencies. In her spare time, Amanda is a careers coach encouraging others to discover their best version of themselves.

    Amanda Regan

    Sessions with Amanda Regan:

    • How far can you go with the right perspective? Inspire teachers and pupils to reach for the stars

      Amanda Regan
      Liaison in Research and Innovation European Space Agency Earth Observation

  • Lynne Biagioni

    SCHOLAR Area Coordinator, SCHOLAR Forum

    Lynne has worked with SCHOLAR for several years and delivers senior phase Pupil Induction and Staff cpd to Scottish Secondary schools.


    Lynne  Biagioni

    Sessions with Lynne Biagioni:

    • Challenging the attainment gap: Helping educators improve pupil outcomes

      Professor Phillip John
      Executive Chair, SCHOLAR Forum

  • Andrew Jewell

    Head of Strategy

    Andrew is a teacher with over 17 years classroom experience. He was at the forefront of the world’s first 1:1 iPad project at Cedars School of Excellence in 2010, becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2011.
    Andrew has led projects and events across the UK and EMEIA, being widely recognised as passionate and enthusiastic educator and sought after conference speaker. He has managed the hugely successful implementation of  programmes and initiatives in Scottish schools.
    Andrew now has a wider remit, consulting on key Government and Local Authority projects, leading education events for Apple across EMEIA and overseeing the strategic growth around the UK and further afield. He is a regular presenter at the Apple Leadership Summit in London where he develops and supports the key relationships between iTeach and it’s many partners.
    He currently shares his enthusiasm and expertise with an ever-expanding network of schools and educators across the world.



    Andrew Jewell

    Sessions with Andrew Jewell:

    • Workshop 1A: How digital tools are transforming learning in schools

  • Ian Stuart

    Consultant, No Tosh

    You could say that sustainable innovation is in Ian’s DNA. Back in 2005, as Principal Technology Teacher at Islay High School, he equipped every single one of his students with tablets… with an astonishing impact on their learning outcomes. One of the first schools in the world to take this approach, it’s now standard practice in many schools world-wide, thanks to Ian’s pioneering influence. Ian works internationally with schools setting their visions on significant change in the way we help students find their place in the world.



    Ian Stuart

    Sessions with Ian Stuart:

    • Change Thinking, Change Learning: Creating a climate for positive learning

      Ian Stuart

  • Stephen Reid

    Director, ImmersiveMinds

    Stephen Reid, Director, Immersive Minds
    With almost twenty years of experience in using technology as a tool for learning, Stephen leads workshops around the world designed to inspire educators to use technology and games to enhance children’s learning. With clients such as Microsoft, the BBC, the National Museum of Scotland, Water Aid and Barnardo’s, as well as schools, universities, libraries and art galleries, Stephen develops and delivers bespoke learning resources using games as a focus for curriculum learning and the development of a range of skills and competencies that prepare learners of all ages for participation in a digital society.
    Stephen works with students and teachers to create new learning environments through a mix of digital and real world tools, developing confidence in the learning process on both sides, as well as competence in the use of technology to support pedagogy, classroom management and assessment. Stephen’s core passion within this field is in the ‘immersion’ of the human mind in the learning process; developing workshops and resources to create Immersive Environments for learning and teaching.

    Stephen Reid

    Sessions with Stephen Reid:

    • Technology inside and outside the classroom

      Stephen Reid

  • Anna Millar

    Regional Education Manager

    Anna has worked in the education sector for 15 years, and has been teaching since 2005. She is passionate about both education and technology, and has worked hard to engage, inspire and motivate pupils and staff to see the benefits and impact of technology in a classroom environment.
    Anna and has been instrumental in the development of the business across Scotland, now holding the position of Education Manager for this region. She delivers a large number of training sessions to education staff and pupils on a weekly basis, and also has the organisational and interpersonal skills to co-ordinate and manage all of the training that happens across her region
    Aside from her deep knowledge of and working relationships with Local authorities, Anna has a particular interest in literacy and developing the use of technology for pupil self-evaluation and formative assessment.

    Anna Millar

    Sessions with Anna Millar:

    • Workshop 1A: How digital tools are transforming learning in schools

  • Gillian Daly

    Head of Policy and Projects, Scottish Library and Information Council

    Gillian Daly is Head of Policy and Projects at the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC), the advisory body to the Scottish Government on libraries. Since joining SLIC in 2007, Gillian has led a wide range of digital initiatives at national level, including the rollout of WiFi, 3D printers and Code Clubs across Scotland’s public libraries. Gillian is particularly interested in digital inclusion and is passionate about libraries’ role in supporting equity of access to technology for all in society. As Chair of the Digital Champions in Libraries group, which has representatives from all 32 Scottish library services, Gillian leads on digital skills development for library staff. Gillian previously worked in public libraries and school libraries in roles with a strong digital focus. 

    Gillian Daly

    Sessions with Gillian Daly:

    • Panel Discussion: Tackling the Digital Divide

      Chair: Amanda Regan
      European Space Agency

      Gillian Daly
      Scottish Library & Information Council

      Jenni Robertson
      Tynecastle High School

  • Maureen McWhirter

    Youth Education Coordinator, British Red Cross

    Maureen is a Youth Education Coordinator for the British Red Cross. Presently she works in both the formal and informal education sectors developing and delivering the British Red Cross Youth Education in schools and youth groups throughout Glasgow and surrounding authorities. The aim is to enable young people to respond to crisis as the result of drug and alcohol abuse, knife crime and stigmatising behaviour. Prior to this she was a teacher for 18 years in both the primary and secondary sectors in Scotland.  In 2013 she completed a MSc Equalities and Human Rights at the University of Glasgow with submission of the dissertation ‘Human Rights Education in Scottish School Settings, a journey of challenge and opportunity.’ In 2013, she was a keynote speaker at the Stonewall Education Conference in Edinburgh.

    Maureen McWhirter

    Sessions with Maureen McWhirter :

    • Panel Discussion: Tackling the Digital Divide

      Chair: Amanda Regan
      European Space Agency

      Gillian Daly
      Scottish Library & Information Council

      Jenni Robertson
      Tynecastle High School

  • Jenni Robertson

    Director of Digital Learning Tynecastle High School and Director of Exciting Curiosity

    Jenni started off her career as a high school music teacher in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a passion for technology and learning she became an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2006 and continues to build on that expertise. In 2009 she joined the City of Edinburgh Council’s Digital Learning Team, encouraging educators from all sectors and stages to embrace technology and enhance the learning experience.

    In January 2014 Jenni took up a new post at Tynecastle High School in Edinburgh as teacher with responsibility for support of learning through innovative ICT use.

    She was also a part of the SQA Qualification Design Team for the new NQ in Music Technology and is an Apple Education Trainer. Jenni works part-time in school and the rest of the time working freelance and exciting curiosity in anyone she can find!



    Jenni Robertson

    Sessions with Jenni Robertson:

    • Panel Discussion: Tackling the Digital Divide

      Chair: Amanda Regan
      European Space Agency

      Gillian Daly
      Scottish Library & Information Council

      Jenni Robertson
      Tynecastle High School

  • Danny Gallagher MSc, MBA, FCMI, CMgr

    Chief Executive, SEEMiS Group LLP

    Most of my career has been spent in the telecommunications industry with BT, ntl: and Virgin Media with a particular focus on the introduction of digital services and products including; the first operational fibre optic cables in Scotland, first Digital Set Top Boxes for Digital TV in the UK and also first Digital internet services for ntl:. I then spent 8 years as a Head of Service at the City of Edinburgh Council managing large teams of up to 1,900 delivering a range of corporate and transactional services, including ICT.

    During my time in Edinburgh, my team delivered the first tranche of integrated digital services launching Channel Shift in the capital and also issued iPads to elected members, staff and pupils across the city. We also negotiated a transformational new ICT deal for the city which offered substantial savings and significant investment in infrastructure, providing dramatically increased bandwidth to support digital services in the city’s schools.

    I’m excited about the potential of digital and especially to be involved in enabling the growth of digital in the Education arena in Scotland. I joined SEEMiS last summer as Chief Executive and look forward to delivering a new, improved service, “Next Generation SEEMiS”, that will facilitate the introduction of a wide range of Education related digital services.

    Married with a couple of digital natives (boys) still in the education system (and four other kids who’ve been through that journey), in my spare time I enjoy Munro Bagging and mountain biking.

    Danny  Gallagher MSc, MBA, FCMI, CMgr

    Sessions with Danny Gallagher MSc, MBA, FCMI, CMgr:

    • Workshop 1C - Online services for teachers and parents

  • Patricia McCurrach, BSc, PGCE

    Customer Support Manager, SEEMiS Group LLP

    I joined SEEMiS two years ago following a teaching career that spread across 3 Local Authorities.  Bringing experience of Teacher, PT Pupil Support, Depute Head and Head Teacher posts; I have used SEEMiS applications throughout my career.

    As part of the Senior Management Team my role is to lead training, helpdesk and acceptance into service testing.  Working with SEEMiS is an amazing opportunity and I enjoy the diversity my post brings – every day is different and I am excited by the prospect of working towards our ‘Next Generation SEEMiS’ product. 

    When not at SEEMiS you are most likely to find me and my husband walking our wee dog Heather, or sailing around the West Coast in our yacht, Daydream.

    Patricia  McCurrach, BSc, PGCE

    Sessions with Patricia McCurrach, BSc, PGCE:

    • Workshop 1C - Online services for teachers and parents

  • Martin Brown

    Head of Business Development, myaccount, Improvement Service

    Martin Brown joined the Improvement Service – the national improvement agency for local government – in April 2006.  Initially employed as a programme manager, Martin fulfilled other roles, including the Head of Customer Relationship Management and, from March 2015, as Head of Business Development.

    Martin's responsible for developing business opportunities for myaccount - the secure and easy way to access public services online across Scotland – driving it to a point where it is the ‘Number One’ player in the space, and enjoying year-on-year growth against the key metrics of adoption, uptake and usage.  (myaccount is operated by the Improvement Service, and Scottish Government-funded).

    As well as designing the business’s forward growth strategy, Martin’s corporate role includes establishing strategic collaborative and cross-sector partnerships, especially ones that: foster and deliver digital transformation; create new service delivery models; deliver improved outcomes; and help transform radically the way people manage their relationship with government in the digital age.
    Martin’s career has straddled roles in the private sector - including within the world’s largest professional accountancy body - and in the public sector - including 12 years+ experience operating at a national level.  Martin’s led ground-breaking national programmes and partnership and developed award-winning solutions, leading to bottom line business benefits and better outcomes. Among the ‘firsts’ for Scottish local government include the only fully online professional qualification certificated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and the first fully-branded ‘Report It’ Smartphone App, enabling customers to report faults ‘on the move’.   Martin comes with demonstrable senior experience in developing, influencing and shaping strategy, nationally and at organisation-level.

    A Heriot-Watt University graduate (1981), Martin returned to further education, gaining an MBA in 2002. 

    Martin is married with two adult children, and lives in Glasgow.  

    Martin  Brown

    Sessions with Martin Brown :

    • Workshop 1C - Online services for teachers and parents

  • Erik Raestad

    MD Education, International regions, WeVideo

    Erik has been part of WeVideo since the launch of the company back in 2011, and he is now head of WeVideo’s operations in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

    He discovered WeVideo during his work in the media sector, working with digitalization of newspapers.
    Now, he spends most of his time supporting educators with digital storytelling - as a way to prove learning or a means to communicate.

    Erik has been a true fan of video creation for more than 20 years, and loves to spread «the WeVideo word» to new storytellers every day.

    Erik  Raestad

    Sessions with Erik Raestad :

    • Workshop 2A: Creativity, Collaboration and Communication, preparing our students for the 21st Century

  • Lee Dunn

    Lecturer in Education Studies and Technology, University of Glasgow

    Lee is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Programme Leader for Technologies at the University of Glasgow School of Education. He is a member of the College of Social Sciences TELT (Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching) Network. Lee was previously a secondary school teacher and Principal Teacher of School Development. Before moving into Higher Education (Initial Teacher Education), Lee was seconded to the Scottish Government Lifelong Learning Directorate. 

    Lee works internationally across primary, secondary, further and higher education and has recently concluded several ICT in learning projects in Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. Lee was nominated as a finalist in the Herald Higher Education Awards (2015) for enhancing the student experience through online technology and he was recently recognised by JISC as one of the top 50 UK HE professionals influencing education via social media. Lee is a member of the UNESCO-IBE Community of Practice for Curriculum Development, an Associate Member of the Association of Learning Technology and various national steering groups with Education Scotland.


    Lee  Dunn

    Sessions with Lee Dunn:

    • Recognising and rewarding best practice: The Digital Schools Awards

      Lee Dunn
      University of Glasgow

      Nick Thomson
      Lundavra Primary School

      Susan Lauder
      Dalry Primary School

  • Susan Lauder

    Principal Teacher Dalry Primary School, North Ayrshire

    Susan is Principal Teacher at Dalry Primary School in North Ayrshire with specific responsibility for IT. She is also part of North Ayrshire Council's Digital Learning Team.

    Digital technology is an integral part of teaching and learning at Dalry Primary and the Digital Awards gave them the chance to self-evaluate and review their progress. This was done by looking at the Digital Technologies policy, skills progression pathway, resources (including hardware), staff IT literacy levels and CLPL opportunities. Dalry Primary were delighted to achieve Digital Schools Status in November 2016.

    Susan Lauder

    Sessions with Susan Lauder:

    • Recognising and rewarding best practice: The Digital Schools Awards

      Lee Dunn
      University of Glasgow

      Nick Thomson
      Lundavra Primary School

      Susan Lauder
      Dalry Primary School

  • Nick Thomson

    Head Teacher, Lundavra Primary School

    Nick Thomson is Head teacher at Lundavra Primary School in Fort William. Lundavra Primary is a new build school which opened in 2015 following the amalgamation of two local primary schools which Nick led previously as a cluster head teacher.

    Prior to moving to Fort William in 2008; Nick was the Primary Phase Leader at the first state 3-16 School in Sheffield, England.

    The use of digital technology to support learning and teaching has been at the forefront of Lundavra’s work and the school was granted the Digital Schools Award in November 2016. The school has worked with Education Scotland advisors on the delivery of Computer Science within Primary and has featured on the Digital Learning Community Practice pipeline videos.


    Nick  Thomson

    Sessions with Nick Thomson :

    • Recognising and rewarding best practice: The Digital Schools Awards

      Lee Dunn
      University of Glasgow

      Nick Thomson
      Lundavra Primary School

      Susan Lauder
      Dalry Primary School

  • Keith Aitken

    Broadcaster & Journalist

    Keith Aitken is an award-winning journalist, author, broadcaster and one of Scotland’s busiest conference facilitators.  In 1995, after more than 15 years’ on The Scotsman in senior editorial roles (notably Parliamentary Correspondent, Industrial Editor, Chief Leader Writer) he launched a successful freelance business and has since written for numerous UK and overseas publications, not least as a columnist for The Herald, Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, and Holyrood Magazine.

    He currently writes a weekly column, now in its 17th year, in the Scottish Daily Express, for which he also compiles a weekly prize crossword and reviews opera.  Keith is Scotland Correspondent for Public Finance magazine, author of a critically acclaimed history of the Scottish labour movement, and has worked extensively as a BBC radio presenter. He is a visiting lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University, and a Trustee of the National Mining Museum of Scotland.


    Keith Aitken

    Sessions with Keith Aitken:

    • Introduction by Conference Chair

      Keith Aitken
      Journalist & Broadcaster

    • Closing Comments from the Conference Chair

  • Richard Chown

    EMEIA Sales Engineer Lightspeed Systems

    Before working for Lightspeed Systems, Richard Chown worked as a technical analyst at one of Lightspeed’s elite partners, Capita, where he gained a wealth of knowledge on IT infrastructures in education.

    Since moving to Lightspeed, his roles included a technical support specialist where he was involved with a number of large scale 1:1 deployments across the world.

    Richard now works as an EMEIA Sales Engineer, dealing face-to-face with customers around the world and learning about the potential for 21st century, mobile learning with the right filtering, mobile management and monitoring in place.

    Richard Chown

    Sessions with Richard Chown :

    • Workshop 2C: Education-focused solutions for 21st century learning

  • Mark House

    Senior Product Manager, RM Education

    After over 25 years of at the chalkface, Mark House is not perhaps the most obvious flag bearer for technology in education. Perhaps it was the incident with 9b3 and the laptop trolley, or the day the internet broke? Like many teachers the perennial false promise of a brighter digital future had become something to avoid at all costs. Through a few twists and turns, Mark became the unlikely strategic lead in his school's desire to move to new ways of working.

    Mark now helps schools across the UK to make a digital transformation. He is a Google Certified Trainer and Education Consultant specialising in digital change management for schools using the cloud. 

    Mark  House

    Sessions with Mark House:

    • Workshop 1B - STEM in Action: The 21st Century Egg Drop

    • Workshop 2B - STEM in Action: Creating Noisy Classrooms

    • Workshop 3B - STEM in Action: Helping Students See the Light

  • Paul McKnight

    Head of Operations VEX Robotics

    Paul has been responsible for the VEX Robotics brand since its UK launch in 2011. More recently the introduction of the VEX IQ platform in 2015 - aimed at Key Stages 2 and 3, - has seen awareness and adoption of the platform grow further. Paul has led the commitment to develop free STEM curriculum, allowing teachers to leverage the fun and excitement of robotics and competition to inspire students about the potential for careers in STEM fields. VEX Robotics has grown into a recognised and trusted platform for using the latest technology to engage students in STEM activities and is being adopted in classrooms across the UK and beyond.


    Paul  McKnight

    Sessions with Paul McKnight:

    • Workshop 3A: VEX Robotics - Putting the technology into the STEM classroom

  • Dean Stokes

    UK Director, AppsEvents

    A teacher for nine years, Dean has worked with schools all over the world to help them meaningfully integrate technology into everyday lessons. Using Google’s free Science Journal app, Dean’s sessions will allow you to discover what’s possible using the device that everybody already has in their pocket.

    Dean  Stokes

    Sessions with Dean Stokes:

    • Workshop 1B - STEM in Action: The 21st Century Egg Drop

    • Workshop 2B - STEM in Action: Creating Noisy Classrooms

    • Workshop 3B - STEM in Action: Helping Students See the Light

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