We are delighted to invite you to FutureScots upcoming conference, EDUTECH (Further and Higher): Response to digital disruption and the digital skills gap. 

Join us and leading experts to gain a greater understanding of the latest, most innovative digital developments and their transformational power.

This conference has been designed to provide delegates with an opportunity to examine how the FE and HE sector is responding to the digital revolution in regards to improving skills, services and enhancing the learning experience for students and staff. 

The FE & HE sector is one of many being disrupted by the rapidly evolving state of technology, this event will discuss how Scotland’s globally renowned education sector can keep up with digital transformation and remain internationally competitive. 

Moreover, with 12,600 new technology related roles being created in Scotland each year, we will be asking whether colleges and universities are fully embracing the opportunities and meeting the challenges brought about through digital innovation to fulfil the needs of employers and the economy. 

It will also be a key opportunity to discuss the role of colleges and universities in addressing the poverty related attainment gap and how technology can be used to improve accessibility to resources and plug the national skills gap. As well as a chance to examine how the sector can encourage more women into tech related roles. 


Discussion will include

  • Scotland’s digital learning strategy and the challenges facing the sector;
  • How to successfully implement digital transformation across your institution;
  • The future of learning analytics;
  • Revolutionary new learning spaces;
  • Being prepared for the augmented reality revolution;
  • The role of technology in reducing the poverty related attainment gap;
  • The vital role of engaging woman in tech and tech related subjects; and
  • Bridging the digital skills gap to meet employer needs. 

Who should attend:

  • Principals, Vice Principals and Chief Executives
  • Directors/Heads of IT/ICT/ Digital Transformation
  • Directors of eLearning
  • Directors of Estate
  • Skills and Apprenticeships Management / Co-ordinators
  • Finance and Business Managers/ Directors
  • Lecturers and Curriculum Managers
  • Academics 
  • Technology providers

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Join Us

30 November 2017 Technology and Innovation Centre, Strathclyde University

EduTech - Further and Higher Education

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