We are entering a new phase in learning and with a Government committed to the use of technology to boost skills but also address the attainment gap. The Scottish Government has further made clear its priority to close the attainment gap as illustrated by its £120m Pupil Equity Funding allowing individual schools to target support where it’s needed most.

Among the many challenges – but also opportunities – for Scotland’s educators today is how to best harness the range of technologies now available and how to use them to enhance the learning experience.

Join us for our Autumn EduTech 2017 conference, where leading experts will discuss how the latest technology can help engage pupils, enhance the learning experience and encourage innovative new approaches to teaching, inside as well as outside the classroom

Why attend:

With the continued integration of technology into the school curriculum, Autumn EduTech 2017 will, through a range of plenary sessions and workshops, explore and debate the developments surrounding the use of technology to facilitate effective instruction and learning, including discussion on:

• How to improve the skills and confidence of teachers using digital tools;
• Latest developments in classroom resources and assessment tools;
• Technology, tools and interventions for pupils with additional needs;
• How do we widen access to technology & address the attainment gap?
• How do we ensure pupils are safe online?
• How do we and are we, equipping pupils with skills for the future?

Who should attend:

• Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers
• Teachers and Curriculum Managers
• School Business Managers
• Heads of eLearning
• School Heads of IT
• Local Authority Education Managers
• Further and Higher Education Representatives
• Librarians
• Union representatives

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Join Us

23 November 2017 Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde

EduTech (Primary & Secondary)

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