• General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS)

    The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) was one of the first teaching councils in the world when it was set up in 1965. In 2012, legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament made it the world's first independent, self-regulating body for teaching.

    GTCS is governed by a Council made up of 19 elected teachers, 11 nominees from stakeholder groups and seven appointed lay members. Council members serve for four years and election/reappointment processes take place every two years when half of the members step down. The Council sets GTCS policy.

    The Council is supported in its work by an experienced and dedicated Management Team who are responsible for our strategic direction.

    We have a shared set of values that speak for who we are, how we work and how we want to be seen as a national educational organisation.

    We have prepared a Gaelic translation of our about us, available at Mu ar dèidhinn.



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    Email address » gtcs@gtcs.org.uk

    Website » http://www.gtcs.org.uk/

  • Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland (AHDS)

    AHDS (Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland) was established in 1975 by a group of forward thinking primary head teachers who felt that catch-all teacher unions were not properly representing their interests in policy debates or supporting them when things went wrong.

    Over the years, we have evolved and expanded.  We now welcome HT, DHT and PT members from nurseries, primaries and ASN schools.  Our core purpose is to give a separate voice to this key group of education leadership professionals.

    We are the least expensive school leaders' union in the UK and have frozen our membership fees since 2008! We have good relationships with key players in Scottish Education and continually work to influence developments in the interests of our members and Scotland’s children.


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    Email address » info@ahds.org.uk

    Website » https://www.ahds.org.uk/

  • Digital Schools Awards Scotland

    Digital Schools Awards Scotland is a new national awards programme which aims to promote, recognise and encourage a whole school approach to the use of digital technology in primary schools.

    Schools that successfully complete the programme will receive a nationally recognised Digital Schools Award accredited by Education Scotland. The 3-step programme has been developed to help schools assess progress and recognise excellence in the use of digital technology at primary level while providing practical support and encouragement.

    The programme is supported by industry partners HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft and Intel in Scotland.

    Twitter:  @Schools_Digital #DigitalSchoolsAwards


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    Email address » info@digitalschoolsawards.co.uk

    Website » http://digitalschoolsawards.co.uk/

  • Young Scot

    'Young Scot provides the best blend of information and opportunities to give young people the confidence to make informed choices about their lives'

    With over 30 years experience, Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship charity for 11-25s in Scotland. We understand that every young person is different and provide a universal service which meets their ever-changes needs.

    Our services give young people trusted and relevant information on everything from money-management and exam stress to relationships and mental health. Giving young people meaningful opportunities which benefits them is another key part to our work. Over half a million young people have the Young Scot Card, which means 60% of Scottish young people can enjoy and benefit from the range of services it offers – discounts, Rewards, PASS, cashless catering and local leisure activities.

    Young people are at the heart of everything we do and play a leading role in co-designing and shaping our services and those we work with.

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    Email address » info@youngscot.org

    Website » http://young.scot/

  • National Parent Forum of Scotland

    The Forum works in partnership with national and local government and other organisations involved in education and child wellbeing issues to ensure that parents play a full and equal role in education. The overall aim is to help every child to maximise their potential through their school life. 

    Contact » Clair Halliday

    Email address » clair@npfs.org.uk

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