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12 September 2017

  • Registration and refreshments
  • Welcome and Introduction

    Russell Borthwick
    Chief Executive
    Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce

    Overview: Context-setting and overview read more »

    Context-setting and overview 

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  • A Pivotal Time: The Digital City Challenge

    Alan Johnston
    Deputy Director for Connectivity, Economy and Data, Digital Directorate
    The Scottish Government

    Peter McColl
    Head of Policy, Scotland

    Overview: Questions and Comments from the more »

    Questions and Comments from the floor

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  • Aberdeen and region: 'The local landscape'

    Angela Scott
    Aberdeen City Council

    Simon Haston
    Aberdeen City Council

    Professor Chrisina Jayne
    Robert Gordon University

    Overview: Outline of current projects, challenges more »

    Outline of current projects, challenges and strategies for the future 

    Questions and comments from the floor 

    Angela Scott, Chief Executive, Aberdeen City Council 

    Simon Haston, Head of IT & Transformation, Aberdeen City Council 

    Professor Chrisina Jayne, Head of School of Computing Science and Digital Media, Robert Gordon University 


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  • The CivTech® Challenge: bringing digital innovation to the public sector

    Rui Cardoso
    CivTech® Pilot Manager

    Katie Lyne
    CivTech® Pilot Manager

    Overview: A unique opportunity has arrived: more »

    A unique opportunity has arrived: use digital technology to improve public sector services, win contracts, build business – and along the way make everyone’s life a bit better. 

    The CivTech® pilot is harnessing new technologies to drive daring and innovation into the public sector. It brings together private sector innovation, public sector organisations and citizens to develop more efficient and effective products and services, which will translate to new, better, faster and easier experiences for everyone. Backed by the Scottish Government, it’s going to provide an unprecedented route for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and other businesses to develop the benefits of digital transformation in the public sector. And crucially it’s going to create a swift, secure and practical pathway for those businesses to win public sector contracts.


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  • Break for refreshments and networking
  • Digital Showcase
    Overview: Presentations: three projects / businesses more »

    Presentations: three projects / businesses - examples how Aberdeen and region are meeting challenges and providing solutions to the digital challenge

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  • Aberdeen and region: The Digital Challenges
    Overview: Round table discussion Each table more »

    Round table discussion  

    Each table will consider one of three challenges for deliverign a digital future, suggest potential local solutions: 

    Participation challenge 

    Skills challenge

    Business challenge 


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  • Vision for the Future

    Neil Logan
    CEO Incremental Group // Chairman, DataLab

    Overview: Closing Keynote Followed by questions more »

    Closing Keynote 

    Followed by questions from the floor 

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