FutureScot, in association with The Sunday Times Scotland, is delighted to invite you to a series of regional events reflecting the unique successes, challenges and opportunities of digital technology within each of Scotland’s city regions.

The FutureScot Digital Cities Seminar Series will be visiting each of Scotland’s cities and a readout from each seminar will be published in The Sunday Times Scotland on September 17, 2017, followed by an independent supplement to be distributed with The Sunday Times Scotland on September 24.  So, please join us to discuss, debate and develop Scotland’s digital landscape.

A highlight will be the Business Debate facilitated by Michael Glackin - Business Editor of The Sunday Times, addressing how we can harness the potential of technology to support business, create new opportunities for young people, and overcome the key challenges of connectivity and skills.

Aimed at policy, academic, technology and business leaders, the six half-day events will take place in Dundee and Perth: September 5 // Edinburgh: September 6 // Aberdeen: September 12 // Stirling: September 13 // Glasgow: September 14.


Scotland’s biggest city is also increasingly its smartest. With an ambition to become a ‘city of science’ where all benefit from science and technology and the help of a £24 million Future City grant, Glasgow has invested in advanced technologies and innovative partnerships that are making the city more intelligent, sustainable and safer. Hear from those leading the local digital revolution and gain a deeper understanding of what is already happening, how is it contributing to the development of the city region and what needs to happen next to make the most of technological change.

The seminar will consider the biggest challenges and opportunities: how can Glasgow harness the potential of technology to its fullest extent to support business, create new opportunities for young people in education and in employment opportunities, improve public services and drive the local economy? How do we overcome the key challenges of connectivity and skills? In a world where a multitude of devices are interconnected, and can calculate, evaluate and learn, how do we ensure that everyone benefits from the internet of things, and the power of big data to transform lives?

The Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy and financial investment in Scotland’s Cities is a significant commitment to making Scotland’s cities smarter, more dynamic and better placed to completed in a global connected world: Can Glasgow create the best possible environment for technology to enable citizens to flourish?

Who should attend?  These events are for business and those engaged in the local economy; practitioners and policy makers in skills and education (FE and HE); and local authority policy makers and practitioners focused on economic development.   

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14 September 2017 IET: Teacher Building, 14 St Enoch Square Glasgow - G1 4DB United Kingdom

FutureScot Digital Cities - Glasgow

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