• The DataLab


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    Email address » info@thedatalab.com

    Website » http://www.thedatalab.com/

  • Stirling Council

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    Email address » info@stirling.gov.uk

    Website » http://my.stirling.gov.uk/home



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    Email address » information@nesta.org.uk

    Website » HTTP://www.nesta.org.uk

  • The Scottish Government


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    Email address » ceu@gov.scot

    Website » http://www.gov.scot/

  • CivTech®


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  • ScotlandIS

    The home of expert software, telecomms and IT services businesses, our members will help you optimise your ICT investment.

    ScotlandIS, the trade body for the ICT industry, has a remit to raise the profile of the industry, lobby policy makers on relevant issues and support our members. 

    Contact » Heather Martin

    Email address » heather.martin@scotlandis.com

    Website » http://www.scotlandis.com/

  • Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce

    The Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce was founded in September 2012 with the aim of sharing opportunities, knowledge and expertise across the Forth Valley.

    The Stirling Chamber of Commerce was launched in February 2014, and is incorporated into the wider Forth Valley Chamber.

    Affiliated to the Scottish Chambers of  Commerce, we offer a range of products and services aimed at helping our members to grow and develop their businesses.

    As a member of Forth Valley and Stirling Chambers of Commerce, you are part of a growing network of businesses across Central Scotland.

    Contact » Michelle McKearnon

    Email address » Michelle@forthvalleychamber.co.uk

    Website » http://www.forthvalleychamber.com/

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