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Responding to the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy Realising Scotland’s full potential in a Digital World  launch, FutureScots’s pioneering Digital Cities seminar series creates a timely environment of open discussion to illustrate the innovative strategies Stirling Council is adopting – but also examine what still needs to be done - to create a culture and environment of reform and ensure all Stirling's citizens are skilled, confident, secure and included.

Using NESTA’s City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CITIE), The Scotland Analysis  report and the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy as the foundations of this innovative seminar series, FutureScot and partners will review latest initiatives and solutions and discuss how Stirling Council, Central Government, wider public sector, commercial and third sector organisations are working together to provide solutions needed to boost the digital environment and in turn Stirling's economy.


Digital is transforming the way we live. It is connecting us faster than ever before while putting more power into the hands of service users. There is a huge opportunity here and now to ensure that people, businesses and organisations across Scotland, are given the tools and skills they need to harness this potential.

Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Constitution


Why attend?

• Discover the latest innovations and learn how new technologies are being put to use in Stirling
• Connect with Stirling Council decision-makers and Central Government policy formers, as well as leaders of change in digital infrastructure
• Engage in keynote panel and round table discussions with digital city specialists
• Quiz Stirling / regional and national experts and discuss the latest solutions to common challenges.
• Influence: outcomes of each event will be featured in a full report both on FutureScot.com and in The Times Scotland.

Who should attend?

• Local Authority IT Managers / Infrastructure Managers
• Policymakers and Regulators
• IT Infrastructure Developers
• Private Sector
• Consultants
• Enterprise Agency Representatives
• City Chambers Representatives / Members
• Academia
• IT skills agencies / providers
• Housing Association Managers
• Third and Voluntary Sector Managers

Please note places are limited and early registration is required

Join Us

13 September 2017 Stirling Codebase 8-10 Corn Exchange Road Stirling - FK8 2HU United Kingdom

FutureScot Digital Cities - Stirling

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