02 October 2017

  • Registration, exhibition and refreshments
  • Chair and introduction:

    Margaret Whoriskey
    Head of Technology Enabled Care and Digital Health Care
    Scottish Government

    Overview: TBA read more »


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  • Ministerial Keynote:

    Shona Robison
    Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport
    The Scottish Government

    Overview: This session will update delegates more »

    This session will update delegates on progress on the 2020 Vision for health in Scotland and its relevancy to health and social care integration. It will outline Government’s strategic objectives in delivering health and social care services digitally, including the secure sharing of data between services and users, patient experience, and the role of private partners alongside statutory colleagues.

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  • Expert Panel: How digital technology can drive health and social care integration?

    Claire Sweeney
    Director QA
    Healthcare Improvement Scotland

    Professor George Crooks
    Digital Health & Care Institute

    Overview: Scotland has made good progress more »

    Scotland has made good progress in the deployment of telehealth and telecare, and it is essential that we build upon this progress, particularly within social care. The National Delivery Plan commits to innovate and expand ‘technology enabled’ service redesign at scale, with emphasis on the importance of partnership working across health, social care, housing, third and independent sector organisations.

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  • Questions to the Minister and the panel
  • Refreshment break
  • Expert Panel: How platform approaches can break down barriers between sectors

    Christopher Wroath
    Digital Director, NHS Education for Scotland

    Rami Okasha
    Executive Director of Strategy and Improvement, Care Inspectorate

    Overview: Integrating systems in the public more »

    Integrating systems in the public sector is hampered by the proliferation of different standards, multiple identities and sign-in requirements. Systems are often single-purpose, costly to develop and difficult for the user.

    A cloud-based approach, building open platforms into which apps can be plugged and accessed, means that users can access what they need with a single-sign-in, irrespective of which organisation or sector they work for. Using Agile methodology means that apps can be built in-house, avoiding multi-year, multi-million pound external procurement.

    Speakers from NHS Education for Scotland and the Care Inspectorate will outline the work they are leading on and discuss the implications, challenges and opportunities for the rest of the public sector.

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  • International Keynote: The revolution has arrived

    Dr Madis Tiik
    Estonian e-Health Foundation

    Overview: Estonia brands itself a ‘digital more »

    Estonia brands itself a ‘digital nation’ and has undertaken large scale digital transformation including the implementation of e-health records in the country which features a high level of personalisation – you can see your own records and see how has over sight.

    The results have been dramatic: 98% of the population use the health information exchange, 99.5% of prescriptions are renewed online, and national healthcare costs have fallen to 6% of GDP.

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  • Workshops - Session One (1A - 1C) Each workshop includes a real-time case study that illustrates the positive impact of innovative digital products and services on clinicians and health care workers.

    Morning WorkshopsClick here to view all sessions in this workshop

      • 11:50 - 12:20
      • Workshop 1A - Managing data securely – best practice case study
      • 11:50 - 12:20
      • Workshop 1B - Telehealth, telecare, telemedicine, tele-coaching and self-care apps: Understanding the landscape of technology and exploding the myths
      Overview: NHS Scotland has undertaken some more »

      NHS Scotland has undertaken some recent significant initiatives and procurements that have led to greater rationalisation and more joining up of systems and services within and across health boards.

      Used appropriately in the right setting digitally enabled technologies can help improve health and social care outcomes through effective management of a range long term and chronic conditions, giving people the greater scope to live independently at home.

      With a focus on health technology as a key to preventative healthcare, this will be a practical myth busting session that explores what’s available, and how to make the best informed choices for patients.

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      • 11:50 - 12:20
      • Workshop 1C - Transforming social care through data and technology
      Overview: Given cuts to social care more »

      Given cuts to social care budgets, increasing demand from an ageing population, difficulties in recruiting staff, and insufficient time with people can technology save the care and health sector? With the intelligent use of apps can pressures be reduced on the sector to improve efficiency of case-management processes, build micro eco-systems of friends & family care around individuals in the community, and transition mixed staff groups towards truly integrated, person-centred working? And, what skills and training are required to support social care workforce to embrace the possibilities?

      Learn about the potential for technology to transform social care working practices.

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  • Workshops - Session Two (2A - 2C)

    Afternoon WorkshopsClick here to view all sessions in this workshop

  • Lunch, exhibition and networking
  • Workshops - Session Three (3A - 3C)

    Afternoon WorkshopsClick here to view all sessions in this workshop

      • 14:00 - 14:30
      • Workshop 3A - Power in your pocket: tablet and smartphone technology
      Overview: The use of mobile devices more »

      The use of mobile devices by health care professionals (HCPs) has transformed many aspects of clinical practice. Mobile devices have become commonplace in health care settings, leading to rapid growth in the development of medical software applications (apps) for these platforms. Numerous apps are now available to assist HCPs with many important tasks, such as: information and time management; health record maintenance and access; communications and consulting; reference and information gathering; patient management and monitoring; clinical decision-making; and medical education and training.

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      • 14:00 - 14:30
      • Workshop 3B - Self care and self assessment: The rise and rise of apps and wearable technology
      Overview: A new, unexpected shadow health more »

      A new, unexpected shadow health economy has emerged through the rise of apps on smart phones and wearable devises. Everything from heart rate monitoring, exercise and calorie counting to glaucoma testing and diabetes management. This session will explore the role that self –care and self-assessment can play in preventative healthcare and management of chronic conditions.

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      • 14:00 - 14:30
      • Workshop 3C - Balancing resilient IT with the opportunities offered by digital cloud-based technologies
      Overview: Healthcare data has stringent requirements more »

      Healthcare data has stringent requirements for security, confidentiality, availability to authorized users, traceability of access, reversibility of data, and long-term preservation. Hence, cloud vendors need to account for all these while conforming to government and industry regulations. Problems in making IT systems interoperable have delayed cloud computing growth in the health care industry.

      When considering a move to cloud computing, healthcare actors (medical practices, hospitals, research facilities, etc.) need to carefully consider the type of application moving to the cloud (clinical and nonclinical applications). Clinical applications consist of EHRs, physician order entry and software for imaging and pharmacy use. Nonclinical applications include revenue cycle management, automatic patient billing, cost accounting, payroll management, and claims management.

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  • Expert Panel: Can data management ever be risk free?

    Professor Bill Buchanan
    School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University

    David Irvine
    CEO of MaidSafe

  • Refreshment break
  • International Keynote: How can digital technology support the policy drivers and improve patient outcomes in both healthcare and social care?

    Maritta Korhonen
    Ministerial Counsellor
    Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

    Overview: “Digital solutions can increase the more »

    “Digital solutions can increase the dynamism of the European economy and deliver benefits to EU citizens, mobile health and eHealth can help EU citizens manage their own health by empowering them, as well, ensuring the sustainability of our health care systems.”
    Discussion about tackling some of the most intransigent problems within the NHS and social care based on UK and European vision and experience, and how that learning might translate into a Scottish context.

    EU vision: “Digital solutions can increase the dynamism of the European economy and deliver benefits to EU citizens, mobile health and eHealth can help EU citizens manage their own health by empowering them, as well, ensuring the sustainability of our health care systems.”

    NHS Digital vision: The aspiration for NHS Digital is that by 2020, NHS Digital will have helped the UK become a world leader in the development and use of health and social care apps. The UK will be recognised globally as the most attractive place to launch radically new ways of using data, information and digital technologies to deliver fundamentally different forms of care.

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