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We are delighted to announce our first annual LegalTech conference - examining the emerging opportunities, challenges and threats facing the Legal sector in Scotland as a result of digital disruption.

All industries must embrace new technologies and the Legal sectors in Scotland are no exception; planned changes to civil and criminal justice administration - transforming services into 'digital first' platforms - will inevitably lead to change for practitioners.

Evolving technologies are also raising ethical questions and challenging the law itself, leading to legislative changes and fresh debates surrounding established legal principles.  Consider, for example, whether a robot could ever have mens rea (“guilty mind”) and the legal implications of driverless cars, drones and augmented reality.

LegalTech is an ideal and unmissable opportunity for lawyers in Scotland, sector IT Directors and other stakeholders to explore all these issues, increase their understanding and see live demonstrations of the seismic impact and transformational power of technology.

The conference will be also receive national visibility through a full report included in The Times Scotland. 

Priced from £149+VAT

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Why attend:

LegalTech 2017 will, through a range of plenary sessions and workshops, explore and debate the impact of technology on the Scottish legal sector, including:

•  Opportunities, challenges and threats created by technological “disruption”
•  Impact of artificial intelligence and online dispute resolution
•  How advances in technology are transforming the civil and criminal justice processes
•  Legal implications of advances such as driverless cars, drones and augmented reality
•  Showcase of the latest, most innovative digital technologies for the legal market

Who should attend:

•  Solicitors
•  Advocates
•  Legal company IT Directors & Managers
•  Other Legal Practitioners and Advisers
•  University / Academic Lecturers and Writers
•  Representatives of Legal Bodies
•  Scottish Government Representatives
•  Technology Providers

To discuss group bookings, sponsorship or exhibition please contact Georgina Hill; georgina@canongate.org or call 0131 561 7351

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Join Us

13 June 2017 The Technology &
Innovation Centre

Strathclyde University
99 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RD
0141 444 7000

LegalTech 2017

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